• Sidechain stereo analog compressor with unique design and sidechain flexibility
  • Powered by laptop or USB power bank for portable use
  • Elegant desktop format, portable, high quality machined aluminium case, touch pads, bypass switch

  • All parameters controlled in real-time via USB and MIDI and stored in presets

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Hand assembled in Stockholm, Sweden.

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The nABC idea: transforming sidechain compression into a creative tool

The nABC is capable of “classic” stereo compression, thanks to its transparent VCA-based analog circuit. But what makes it unique is the flexibility to combine analog and digital sidechain triggers, enabling new creative possibilities. Attack and release times can be controlled with millisecond precision, compression depth is adjusted to fractions of dB and all parameters can be MIDI-controlled in real time.

The nABC is capable of classic off-beat ducking/pumping, as commonly used in electronic music, as well as more creative dynamic sidechain patterns, not necessarily in sync with the kick drum. Use it on a bus, on a synth, on a pre-amplified bass, guitar or voice or on any instruments/tracks.

Supported sidechain triggers: USB/MIDI, Gate/CV, Line Audio, External (S/C) Audio, Pedal.

Digital studio

Design sidechain patterns in your DAW and use USB/MIDI for millisecond-level-adjustable attack/release envelope control.

DAW-less/Analog setup

The nABC is easily connected to any sequencer/modular synth with its MIDI, gate and CV sidechain controls. You may connect it to a sequencer for new compression patterns and use the CV to dynamically adjust the sidechain compression depth .


Sidechain compression is relatively uncommon in small live setups, mostly because of the required cable routing and lack of battery-powered portable compressors. The nABC solves these problems and gives new creative opportunities for live musicians.

One Minute Tutorials

Pumping analog bassline, sidechain triggered by USB

Arpeggio accent shaping with a sequencer

Creating a trance gate using an analog sequencer and a digital synth.

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User manual and technical specifications

Audio Input 2 x 1/4″, impedance balanced, >100 kOhm
Max Audio Input+19.5dBu
Audio Output2 x ¼”, impedance balanced, 400 Ohm
Max Audio Output+19.5dBu
External Sidechain Audio Input:1 x 1/8”, max 20dBu, 50kOhm, unbalanced
External Control Voltage Input:1 x 1/8”, 0V-10V, unipolar, 50kOhm
Gate input:1 x 1/8”, 0V-5V, unipolar (10V is tolerated)
MIDI input1 x 1/8” TRS (DIN to TRS cable is included)
Frequency Response20Hz-20kHz, +0.5, -0.5dB
THD+NoiseTypically <0.06%; @1kHz, 0dBu, 1:1
Compressor Threshold Range-20dBu to +20dBu
Compressor Ratio1:1 to Infinity:1
Make-up gain0dB to +20dB
Maximum gain reduction>30dB
Presets8, user defined
Attack timeAdjustable
Release timeAdjustable
MIDI controlSidechain, alla audio parameters, preset selection
MIDI outSignal level threshold, all audio parameters
Compression kneeAdjustable, hard or soft
Power5V via USB, typical 500mA
Dimensions125mm x 125mm x 40mm