To be revealed summer 2024

Truly boutique

Fine engineering and creativity

We are a young, independent company based in Södermalm, in the cultural core of Stockholm, Sweden. We believe in uniqueness, authenticity, professionalism and respect for our customers.

Our products are designed, prototyped and assembled in-house, driven by passion rather than numbers. In a market saturated by replicas, we try to contribute with fairly priced yet imaginative products, instruments that we would like to use ourselves as musicians.  We are born from a successful background in electronic music production, with a number of chart-reaching records, and from 20 years of engineering in different fields and 100+ international patents.

We want to design instruments that inspire you

A lot has happened since we launched the nABC sidechain compressor in 2019. We will soon be ready to reveal our flagship product, Polyvera, something that we would have just dreamt of some years ago. 

Thanks for being with us on this journey!

Stefano Sorrentino
Founder, Suonobuono

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