Stereo, analog, digitally controlled sidechain compressor with MIDI control

The nABC+ sound spans from clean and smooth to warm and saturated, thanks to the high-gain analog preamps. The digital control unlocks creative features that are impossible with any other compressor. Compression can be triggered my MIDI, analog gate/CV and audio signals. Use it on a hardware synth, on a guitar, on a bass, on vocals, on an FX return or even on a mixer bus, creativity is the limit!

The nABC+ includes extra features designed with live musicians and small studios in mind. For example, you may mix your sidechain signal and the compressed audio directly inside the nABC+, saving on mixer channels and cabling. If you play with acoustic drums, you may even plug a dynamic drums microphone directly to the sidechain input, without need for external preamplifiers or mixers.

Not your usual compressor

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Classic sidechain compression and more

Classic off-beat ducking/pumping is straightforward with the nABC+: plug the instruments you want to compress to the LINE input and trigger compression using the audio kick from a drum machine, a microphone to your acoustic kick drum, a MIDI signal from your DAW or an analog gate from your analog sequencer, whichever suits your setup! Fine tune all the audio parameters of your compression on the panel and store your presets. 

Things get extra interesting when you start to use the nABC+ in creative ways: create trance gates and programmable vibrato by triggering sidechain with a sequencer, apply different compression levels to different beats, create dynamic saturation by combining the in-built analog preamplifiers before and after the compressor stage, sidechain an effects return channel with a long reverb or delay, combine “classic” and sidechain compression within a single nABC+.. possibilities are uncountable!

One Minute Tutorials

Pumping analog bassline, sidechain triggered by USB

Arpeggio accent shaping with a sequencer

Creating a trance gate using an analog sequencer and a digital synth.

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User manual and technical specifications

Audio Input 2 x 1/4″, impedance balanced, 30 kOhm
Max Audio Input +19.5dBu
Audio Output 2 x ¼”, impedance balanced, 400 Ohm
Max Audio Output +19.5dBu
External Sidechain Audio Input: 1 x 1/8”, max 20dBu, 50kOhm, unbalanced
External Control Voltage Input: 1 x 1/8”, 0-5V, unipolar (10V is tolerated)
Gate input: 1 x 1/8”, 0-5V, unipolar (10V is tolerated)
MIDI input 1 x 1/8” TRS (DIN to TRS cable is included)
USB Type B, 2.0
Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz, +0.5, -0.5dB
LINE THD+N Typically <0.035% (A), <0.04% (unweighted); @1kHz, 0dBu, no gain reduction nor boost
Compressor Threshold Range -20dBu to +20dBu
Compressor Ratio 1:1 to -1:1
Preamplifiers gain

Adjustable 0dB to +25dB (LINE input),  

Adjustable 0dB to +20dB (LINE output),
Switchable 0/+25dB (Sidechain input)

Maximum gain reduction >30dB
Presets 8, user defined
Attack time Adjustable
Release time Adjustable
MIDI control Sidechain trigger, all audio parameters, preset selection
MIDI out All audio parameters
Compression knee Adjustable, hard or soft
Power 5V via USB, typical 500mA (2A capable supply recommended)
Dimensions 125mm x 125mm x 40mm
Weight 450gr